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There are times in life when you need a large quantity of DVDs – It could be that you have perfected your documentary that you’ve been working on, and you want to produce the initial distribution. Well, MaxDuplication totally understands how important this is to you. We will fill your order with professionalism and speed, all while not charging you the earth. 
Our clients often ask us the following question: what is the difference between dvd replication and dvd duplication? It is actually quite simple to explain. The term “replication” refers to a specific process where a glass master is used; this glass master stamps the data on to the media. In the “duplication” process, no glass master is used. It is a process that yields professional results at a cost that fits a reasonable budget for larger runs. 
You may have artwork that you want on your replicated DVD. If so, we are happy to oblige. If you do not have artwork, we are able to provide something for you , free of charge. 

Some informational tidbits for you 

You can place your order online. (Don’t we do just about everything online now?)  We know how complicated ordering processes can be. So, we have taken the bold step of making our ordering process easy. And if you do find that you have some questions, you can simply call us on that old-fashioned device known as the telephone.
Perhaps you know what text and photo that you want to appear on your DVD but don’t quite know how to configure it as artwork? If so, fear not, we will take your raw materials and create artwork for you. It is part of what we do. 
There are no hidden fees in our estimates; what you see is what you pay. 
We guarantee our work, as we believe we should. (We actually believe everyone should.)
Replication is the best choice when you need 1000 DVDs or more – the efficiencies built into the process make the cost per unit much lower than duplication.

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Quality Guarantee

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