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Do you have an album of music that is generating lots of local buzz and you want to get it out everywhere – like now? Are you part of a corporation that needs to send out a CD of a recorded presentation to 2000 employees – yesterday? Relax. MaxDuplication is the go-to place for clients who find themselves in such happy circumstances.
Let us explain the difference between CD duplication and CD replication. CD duplication is used for quantities of CDs between 50 and 500 – professional quality CD-R discs are used to create duplicate the CDs. CD replication is a completely different process, suited for replicating 1000 or more CDs. The replication process uses a glass master to stamp data on CD discs as they are produced.
Now, that album or presentation deserves to be on a CD that sports striking artwork. Right? We will print whatever artwork you want to rock your CD on your CD. Or we can make some suggestions if you do not have artwork ready to go.

A few things of interest to you 

We know that the process of ordering replicated CDs online can be daunting, so we have made it simple – to keep it easy just email your order to us and we will email you back an invoice. You will be done in no time. If you prefer call us, please do so. 
We know that first-time clients are a little unsure of what they will receive and it is for this reason that we promise to fix anything that needs to be fixed. And quickly. 
Replication is the best choice when you need 1000 CDs or more – the efficiencies built into the process make the cost per unit much lower than in the duplication process. 
We offer a turnaround time of approx 5 - 7 days for replicated products. Speedy. 
MaxDuplication is proud to be the leading online service for CD and DVD replication.

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