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CD Duplication and DVD Duplication Services

dvd duplicationAt MaxDuplication, we have created an easy-to-use virtual storefront that offers clients instant access to the CD duplication and DVD duplication services that they require. By choosing your preferred service through our convenient online order form, you’ll be able to access professional duplication and replication for a very attractive price. Our real-time live quote system provides instant prices. We provide a prompt service and superb products that  are created according to your exact specifications. Our wide array of services also includes CD printing & DVD printing, directly on the disc itself.

What you Need to Know about CD Copying?

CD copying, is achieved through laser burning of CD-R (recordable) discs. This process is similar to those of home computers but of a more commercial grade. This type of duplication is perfect for smaller print runs of up to 500 discs. The benefits of choosing this service for your duplication needs include access to full-colour printing and very quick production times, as well as many cd packaging options. You’ll get your discs back quickly when you opt for this form of duplication, and you’ll be thrilled with the first-rate products that we deliver to your door. With our 24/7 ordering services, you may order CD duplication from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

If you need larger print runs of 1000 discs or more, we can offer much lower prices using CD replication.

CD Replication

cd replicationDuring CD replication, we press discs from a special master copy that is crafted from glass. This is called a glass master. Which is used to stamp the data on to the discs as they are being made. Our glass masters are treated with a chemical coating that is burnt with a laser. This master becomes a negative of the original CD, and the next stage includes coating the master with a nickel solution that allows the glass master to be fed into a stamper machine. This machine punches out the data in the copied CD-ROMs

These sorts of discs are also called CD-ROM discs. The difference between CD-ROMs and CD-R discs is that CD-ROMs feature read-only memory, whereas CD-Rs are recordable.

Our replicated CDs are made from aluminum and polycarbonate. To complete the job, we add CD printing. Our CD printing service is second to none, as we offer full-colour  offset lithographic or silk screen printing to our clients. Your CD-ROMs will look completely professional, for a variety of personal or commercial purposes.

CD Printing and DVD Printing Services

cd printingIf you simply need printing on the surface of your existing CDs or DVDs, we also offer this process for an affordable price. Whether you need DVD or CD label printing (direct on to the disc) with five-colour graphics, or simple DVD or CD packagin printing we will be able to fulfill your requests in a professional and timely manner.

For CD printing and DVD printing we will be able to supply you with pre-printed blank discs that you may use to burn your own content. For many people who work with largeamounts of files, having these discs ready to go is very practical and convenient. In fact, anyone who enjoys burning their own content onto CD-Rs will enjoy having a selection of pre-printed discs at the ready. Our CD printing service is a great way to enjoy more organization and ease when it comes to storing digital files.

As you can see, MaxDuplication is a premier choice for excellent service. Choosing our company is the best way to ensure flawless CD and DVD products. If you have any questions about our services, quotations, or online ordering system, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other Services: CD & DVD Packaging

cd copyingIn addition, we offer a variety of packaging options. Our DVD replication process features high-tech equipment that produces professional, top-grade DVDs from master copies. We use the best equipment available to give you the results that you expect and deserve.

The packaging also lives up to this high quality.  We can offer many different types of cd and dvd cases. We also have our own in house designers that can create  your artwork for you, please contact us for details. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We always stive to offer the best service available.

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